To get from Amman to Jerusalem, we decided to cross the border at the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge. Because of the given history, crossing from Amman to Jerusalem might take a long time. We heard and read reports that they sometimes take you to separate rooms and interrogate you for hours at the Israeli border, even as a tourist. Luckily, our questioning “only” took about 15 min and we got from Amman to Jerusalem in about four hours. Here is a short summary of how it went down:

First, you have to get from Amman to the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, which is around a 45 min drive west. You can either take a bus or a cab. We went very early in the morning, so we decided to take a taxi in order to beat the crowd. Once at the border from Amman to Jerusalem, you have to go through a passport and luggage check by the Jordanian authorities and pay an exit fee (20 JOD, if I recall correctly). If there are not a lot of people, this goes fast. After that, you board a bus (for which you have to buy a ticket, 5 JOD per person, 1.5 JOD per baggage) that crosses the border and drops you off in front of the Israeli border check point. The thing with the bus is: it only leaves when it’s full. So we sat in the bus for 45 minutes before it started its engines.

On the Israeli side, you have four different check points. The first is a passport and luggage check (you leave your luggage there and collect it at the very end of the process again). The second is a passport check. The third is a body scan and passport check combined. And the last one is a passport check and thorough personal questioning. While the first three check points are not a big deal (depending on how crowded it is and how comfortable you feel standing around a lot of armed soldiers), the fourth one can take a while. I would say they take around ten minutes on average per person, so if there are a lot of people you’ll be there for a while. Luckily, we could already pass through after some questions. The guy next to me had to go back and “take a seat” while the Israeli authorities “processed his documents”. They asked us some basic questions along with weird stuff like how we know each other and what our parents’ names are. If you haven’t been too often in the neighboring countries and answer all questions convincingly, you should be good to pass quickly.

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If you plan on traveling from Amman to Jerusalem by taking the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, keep these things in mind to make it as smooth as possible:

  1. try going early and avoid traveling from Amman to Jerusalem on weekends
  2. prepare your documents well, know where you are going to stay in Israel and when you are going to leave the country again
  3. always answer the questions immediately and precisely – whatever they ask you. Don’t get annoyed.

Even if you follow these tips, they can hold you there for a longer interrogation. So make sure you plan around six to seven hours in total for the route from Amman to Jerusalem via King Hussein/Allenby Bridge – just in case. When all goes well, it will take you less than three hours, but it’s good to have an additional three to four hours buffer for unforeseen events.

When getting from Amman to Jerusalem, we surely recommend taking the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, as it is a unique experience in itself and worth the “hassle”.

If you have some extra time on your hands before traveling from Amman to Jerusalem or vice versa, do not miss the opportunity to travel to the Hidden Valleys of Petra – and go far beyond the Treasury!

For questions or feedback regarding the trip from Amman to Jerusalem via the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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  • Truly very helpful for visitors like us. It will be well worth the experience. Thank you.

  • The best way bij bus to go from Amman to Jerusalem ?
    Tel me wich bus i have to take, The cost, Time, how long iT takes in time and The name from the bus company?

    • Hey Helene, to get to the crossing, you can take a cab or bus. It will take you about 45 minutes. To cross the border, there is only one bus, for roughly JOD 20. So there is no bus company. Once you arrive on the Israeli side, you can take a shared ride (a minibus) or a cab to Jerusalem. All in all, it could take you roughly 3-5 hours to get from Amman to Jerusalem, depending on the number of people.

      • I took a service taxi( which is the white one not the yellow or yellow white) in bus station to KHB today and paid 7JD (because you will share the taxi with other 3ppl )for it.

      • Last time I crossed that bridge and after going through the Israeli border I had trouble getting out of that area. Taxis were very expensive and I didn’t see any busses other than tour busses. After waiting for a long time I managed to get a tour bus drives who was headed to Jerusalem to take us along but it was not cheap. And I had no other choice. I would like to go again very very soon. I know the bus system inside and between Israeli cities is very organized. But getting to any of the cities is what worries me. That short drive to a bus stop is a what I need help with. You mentioned ride sharing. How would someone find them or contact them to make arrangements ahead of time?

        • Hey man you post the latest date did you menage to find anything how you crom from amman to any city in Israel i should have that trip in about 5-6 days so i am looking for more i formation

  • Hi there – i’m planning on going the opposite way: Israel – Jordan. I’m trying to find out if there are taxis at the border or whether you’d think this ought to be booked in advance. As two 30 yr old women we are a bit anxious about the our safety if we don’t have something booked. Any insight/advice would be welcomed. Thanks a million.

    • Dear Nicola, it depends on where you want to get to from the border. If it’s Amman, I don’t think you will have great difficulties finding a way to get there. It’s not too far, there are actually several international car rental companies and as far as I recall, many shops within a street. Getting a taxi/bus from there should be no problem. I had a very safe impression on both sides of the border, so I wouldn’t worry about it more than in any other case. Bottom line: you won’t arrive in a desolate, hostile outpost, but there’s enough tourist infrastructure to get you safely to Amman. Have a great trip!

  • I’m a Bangladesh citizen living and working in Dhaka. I’m a physician, cardiologist to be precise. I have a wish to visit Jerusalem and offer a prayer at Al Aqsa mosque. I can reach Amman easily from Dhaka. Bangladesh passport writes that this travel document is not valid for Israel. How can I go to Jerusalem crossing Allenby bridge if I fly to Jordan from Dhaka with valid Jordanian visa? Shall I be denied ?

  • Sarah Kinderman July 26, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Thanks for all your insights so far with the border crossing. I’m planning on crossing from Amman to Jerusalem with my older mother. I was actually hoping to rent a car in Amman and drive across the border to Jerusalem and then back into Jordan because we are also hoping to stay to at the Dead Sea for a night before returning to Amman, so I wanted to be mobile. Do you think this would be possible? Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Sarah

    • Hey Sarah – I’m almost 100% sure that you cannot drive across the border yourself. Everybody is transferred with the dedicated buses. However, there are many car rentals right at the border entrances (all big brands). If you intend to be mobile, I’d rent a car in Israel and simply cab it on the Jordan side.

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for all the information. I would like to take the bus to Jerusalem today from Amman. Do you know from where the bus leaves and what time(s) they leave? I can only go around noontime. Thank you.

    • There is no direct bus. You should get to the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge from Amman, there you can take the official transfer bus and the proceed from the Israeli side to Jerusalem. So, you’ll need to use three different buses. The King Hussein/Allenby Bridge is definitely open during noontime, so no problem! Have a great trip!

  • Hello, if you want to from Amman to Bethlehem, is it difficult to cross and what kind of tranportaion is it available, how much it costs and how much is the driving time ? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, if you want to go from Amman to Bethlehem, is it difficult to cross and what kind of tranportation is it available, how much it costs and how much is the driving time ? Where can we take the bus from Amman to the border and what´s the cost? Thanks in advance.

  • Igor Passos Damasceno August 1, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Im already booked for a 26 days trip to middleeast from next March 7 2018, beginning at Amman until Cairo and a 2 days trip to Lebanon for a visit to Harissa and the famous Jeita groot. As im planning a visit to Petra and expect to get to Israel via Aqaba, my question is if i want visit Jerusalem its better crossing the bridge from Amman then coming back to Jordania, then crossing again when in the south going to Eilat cross again to Israeli border, or better do Petra then head south cross border and go from Eilat to Jerusalem? I think that second option is easier because even if Jerusalem is so close to Amman, the time you waste crossing border and bargaining a taxi or waiting buses takes the same as a trip from Eilat to Jerusalem (About 6 hours by bus via Tel Aviv). And not mentioning that going to Israel then coming back to Amman then going Israel again via southern cross border would probably cause immense trouble and questions on interview at Israeli border would be twice more. I have a Brazilian passport (Which normally is well seen unless you try visa appliance to USA), and live in Portugal since 2006.

  • what choices do i have after the allenby crossing to go to jerusalem and at what cost?

  • I tried to cross the Bridge back to Israel on a Friday, yesterday, many sites including official site said until 3 pm —- no, it closes at noontime from Jordan site. Do go in morning.

  • How much do the busses between the Israel part of the border to the Jordanian part of the border cost in total. I have seen that they charge per person and per bag. Does this include small bags such as hand luggage and backpacks or just large suitcases?

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